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INTOWN REPORT for 7/25/18 – 7/31/19


5 Star Bar – Church of Disgust, Encoffinized, Mortal Would, + Kommand

Alex’s – Calm Kill, Moss!, Oozelles, + Richard Rose

Belasco – Pouya

Bootleg – Zach Tabori, Leon Knight, + Bonavega

Cafe Nela – La Tumba, Dante HH, + Black Iron Rebel

Catch One – Benny the Butcher, Conway the Machine, Westside Gynn, Nico Collins, Chelsea Collins, + Eli.

Characters (Pomona) – Jabbermouth, Bruised Gender, Mr.E & the Filthy Devils+more

Doll Hut – The 44’s, + Mid Day Blues

Fonda – Skylar Stecker, + Yuna

Harvard & Stone – Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, + Brainspoon, free!

Highland Park Bowl – Death Cat, Flames od Durga, + Cosmic Jetties

The Hi Hat – Justus Proffit, Outerpaces, + Radiator Hospital

Hotel Figueroa – Shark Toys, Bodega, + B Boys

Karman Bar – Outer Spaces, + Radiator Hospital

La Santa – Heydeon, Holland Izz, + Elyzr

Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park – Pauline Lay, Jonny Kosmo, + San Cha

Mission Tobacco Lounge – Ital Santos, Eugene O’Neil, Aye Sincere, D’ZIL 5K1, King Dice, + more

Monty Bar – Famblood, No Exits, + Midnight Prisms

Moroccan – Mike’s Dead & Ryan Oakes, Aryia, Woody Pond, + Ollie Joseph

Observatory – DevilDriver, Dope, + Static X; Shark Toys, Bodega, + B Boys (Constellation Room)

Orange County Fair – Sweet & Tender Hooligans

Pappy & Harriet’s – Brad Parker & the Nobs

Pike Bar (Long Beach) – The Thingz

Redwood Bar – Barrio Tiger, Stalins of Sound, + The Ghoulies

The Regent – This Is Not This Heat, Extended Organ, + Behavior

Resident – Carly & The Universe, Max Tribe, + Uncle Uncle

Roxy – Yeek, Jean Dawson, + Dotha

Satellite – All Things Blue, Georgi Kay, + Nicole Kiki Jaffe

The Smell – Birote The Musical, Baldemar, + Greaseball

Troubadour – Matt Costa, JD & the Straight Shot, + Matt Hartke

Ventura Theater – Dwight Yoakam

Warehouse Restaurant (Marina Del Rey) – The Outta Sites

Wayfarer – The Moonroofs, Louders The Roar, + Lords of Dust

Whisky – Brother Marquis of 2 Live Crew, Crash, Rene Fresh, Jay Fiii$h, T$uwave, Jimmy Swagg & Lipstixx, + Kyan

Wiltern – Between Me and My Mind

Zebulon – ZOOLUXX, T.Soomian, + Leche

FRIDAY, 7/26

5 Star Bar – Ketamina, + Chandler

Academy – Vanic

Alex’s – Deadbolt, Bob Log III, + Stormhouse

The Blvd. – Skullcrack, No/Mas, Bad Acid Trip, Teeth, Recalsitrant, Absurdity, + Drainage

Bootleg Theater – Gold Star, Cornelia Murr, + John Errol

Cafe Nela – Angry Samoans (later years), Potbelly, Baron Bandini, + Areaman

Catch One – Static X, DevilDriver, + Dope

Cinema Bar – Patrolled By Radar, Cave Flowers, + Willy McGee

Doll Hut – Forty Fours, + Mid Day Blues

The Echo – Wood & Wire, Courteous Family, ADBC, Ras G, + more

El Cid – Golden Vessel, + Instupendo

El Rey – Slayyyter, + Robokid

The Factory – Paste, Big Fun, Blivet, + Flyer Machine

Fais Do Do – Walker Brigade, The Armoirs, The Refletors, The Living Dolls, Plasticsoul, + Joe Normal & the Anytown’rs, 7:30pm

Fonda Theater – Drab Majesty, With Hide + Body of Light

Fox Theater Pomona – Cuco, UMI, + Your Grandparents

Greek Theatre – The Raconteurs, + Lillie Mae

Highland Park Bowl – Bad Joy, Kiki Diago, + Them Poehler Bears

The Hi Hat – Alex Di Leo, + Cody Lovaas

Karmen Bar – Bridget The Midget, Whining Pussys, Tarah Who? + more

La Santa – Michael Seyer

The Lem HQ Photography Salon (835 N.La Brea) – Terminal A, + DJ sets by Paul Cinnamon and Tony Knox, host of KXLU’s No More Heroes show. Also “Out of the Trenches” a skateboarding photography exhibit

Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park – The Expanders, Jr.Thomas & the Volcanos, + Treey Dactyl

Lodge Room – Man Man, Rebecca Black, + Sister Mary Perpetual Moon

Los Angeles, State Historic Park (1245 N. Spring St.) – Odesza, Big Wild, Evan Giia, Memba, + Ford (also Sat.)

Love Song – Shake Appeal with Kasey Bomber & SL Duff

Maui Sugar Mill – Punks for Pussies fundraiser to benefit homeless cats & kittens in L.A. with Alley Cats, Fur Dixon, Rikk Agnew Band with Gitane Demone, + Joe Wood, $20 donation

Moroccan – Superet, KingJet, + Derde Verde

Observatory – Pouya; Haroin Father, Pity Party, Fat Boi Bari, + Roderick Porter (Constellation Room)

Orange County Fair (Costa Mesa) – The Amroires, Arthur Alexander Band, Test Pressings, Plasticsoul, Addison Love, + Alan Bernoft. 12:30 – 6:30pm

Petie’s Place – Motorbreath, Diamonds & Rust, Sabbath Vol 4, + Area 51

Redwood Bar – CHANNEL 3, Glitter Trash, The Hellflowers, + Something Ferocious

Resident – Le Fonce – The Dark, Kevin Knapp, Nutty, + Sly Turner

The Rose – Led Zepagain

The Rush Bar & Grill (Lake Forrest) – Where’s My Car

Smell – Monty O’Blivion record release, ModPods, The Groans, + Plasmic

Teragram – Ty Segall & Freedom Band, Melted, + Warm Drag

Theatre at Ace Hotel – Starkid Homecoming

Troubadour – The Jacks, Creature Canyon, + Fox Wilde

Ventura Theater – TSOL, Flipper, The Grim, Youth Brigade, Ill Repute, Stalag 13, + The Robot Uprising

Viper Room – GayC/DC, The Heroine, + Electric Hound

Wayfarer – The Mattson 2, + B & The Hive

Whisky – Pretty Boy Floyd, Red Vinyl Gypsies, Southern Sinners, + more

Zebulon – This is Not The Heat, Shark Toys, Bodega, + B Boys


1720 – California Death Fest V with Pessimist, Decrepit Birth, EvilDead, Sadistic Intent, Revenge, Vomitory, + Mortician (also Sun.)

Academy – Mat Zo W, + Attlas

Alex’s – Bourbon Jones (reunion show), + Greg Antista & the Lonely Streets

Belasco – Crown the Empire

Bootleg – French Vanilla, + Stef Chura

Brouwerij West (San Pedro) – The Blasters, + James Intveld

Cafe Nela – The Fiends record release, also OT y Los Condors, Big Pig, + Reflectors

Cinema Bar – Bruce Ray White & The Random Band, + Hard Luck Country Club

DiPiazza’s – No Kings, + The Mood Swings

Discovery Theater (Ventura) Agent Orange, The Basdards, + IDecline

Doll Hut – TSOL, Unit F, JFA, Carpit, The Pawns, + Bearfight

The Echo – Shordie Shordie

Fonda – Bryce Vine, + Carlie Hanson

Fox Theater Pomona – Kim & the Created, The Slop, Rinse & Repeat, + The No.44

Garden Amp – Adolescents, Oc4 W, Death By Stereo, Final Conflict, Acxdc, + Skullcra

Godmother’s – The Stardust Ramblers

Grand Star Jazz Club – Somos Mysteriosos, 8PM

Highland Park Bowl – Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers, Briana & Fates, + The Patients

The Hi Hat – The Gooms, Ben McKenzie, Dinner Time, Gentle J, + Maya Lucia

Hollywood Palladium – The Drums, + CHAI

House of Blues – Panteon Rococo, Red Store Bums, Gariela Penka, + more

House of Machines – Mystic Braves, Cheap Tissue, Cosmonauts, Yip Yops, Lily Waters, Venetian Blinds, Taleen Kali, + Windows

Karmen Bar – XTINE & Reckless Hearts, Frequency Within, Mediocre, + Tragic Radicals

La Santa – Famous Dex

Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park – La Diabla, L.A. Bollywood, Discostan, + Doctors & Engineers

Lodge Room – Morgan Delt, Pearl Charles, Vinyl Williams, The Sunsettes, + Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show

Maui Sugar Mill – Dirty Cakes, CC Potato, + Keen

McCabe’s – Jaime Wyatt

Microsoft Theater – English Beat, Andy Bell (Erasure) Modern Englih, Alarm, Naked Eyes, + more

Monty Bar – Smokescreens, Holy Tunics, Susan, + Gal Pals

Moroccan – Chloe Moriondo

Novo – Cuco, + Umi

Observatory – Golden Vessel, Instupendo, + The Nicholas (Constellation Room)

Old Towne Pub – Monodelux, Motorcycle Boy, + The Bloody Brains

Pappy & Harriet’s – Allah-Las, The Mattson 2, Rancho de la Luna Faction, + Sugar Candy Mountain

Park Bar – Arthur Alexander Band, Ashes in the Water, Stations of the Sun, + John Gregory

Pershing Square – Aterciopelados, + Elefante

Petie’s Place – Identity Crisis, Ultra maiden, + Stranglehold

Redwood Bar – The Sloths, Electric Children, The Sound Station, Cromm Fallon, + P200

Regent – Scam and Jam, Karinas, Que Madre, + DJ Rawn

Santa Barbara Bowl – The Raconteurs, + Melvins

Smell – Kosher Green, Balance, + Lanitarians

Sun Space (Shadow Hills) Lov At Araxx, Secret Mutilator, Woundz, Centerfold Jesus, 7-11:30PM

Timewarp Records – Paracosmic, Evan Hatfield, + Vimanas

Troubadour – Sound Collective harry Katz & The Pistachios, Josh Arbour, The Charities, + Haleigh Bowers

Viper Room – Kissed Alive, Mechanical Manson Dirty Deeds, + Socal Distortion

Wayfarer – Los Mysteriosos, The Cineramas, + Tastee Nuggz

Whisky – Cruefest with Suzy, JJ Savage, The Erotics, Nitetrain, Stonebreed, Kelle Rhoads, Stepchild, Love N Revenge, Lewd and Crued, Pictureyes, Hosted by Erik Hatchett

Zebulon – Chris Cohen, Dear Nora, + Nicholas Krgovich

SUNDAY, 7/28

5 Star Bar – Kirby’s Dream Band, The Runaway Four, Normal Activity, + 8-Bit Jazz Heroes

Alex’s Bar – TSOL, Egrets on Ergot, JFA, Slaughterhouse, + Hamapple, 2pm; Nicholas Merz, Rufrano, + Silver Dollars, 6pm

Bootleg Theater – POLARTROPICA, Noice, Mini Bear, Sebeyu, Lou Roy, Johanna Samuels, + Dylan Rodrigue

Cafe Nela – LOTERIA!: A unique musical happening that brings 25 veteran LA performers into five bands that have never been seen before, in addition to a headlining performance from Peter and Arwen Lewis. All the proceeds from the door are being donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, to help find a cure for Parkinson’s.

Performing musicians in alphabetical order: Woody Aplanalp, Dave Arnson, Willie Aron, Alice Bag, Joe Baiza, Joe Berardi, Brian Christopherson, John Collinson, Joe Dean, Gitane Demone, Marc Doten, Carey Fosse, Steve Gregoropolous, Jonathan Hall, Pat Hoed, Richard Jones, Bob Lee, Dan McGough, Vince Meghrouni, Jim Mills, Heath Seifert, Laura Smith, Andy Sykora, Dave Travis, & Jon Wahl, 6pm

Corbin Bowl – Fifi

Doll Hut – Menagerie Radio Circus, Big Slur, Total Drag, Katie Henry, + JAM

The Echo – Grand Ole Echo with Lasers Lasers, Birmingham, + Philip Kronengold, 4pm; Sarah Shoot & the Disarmers, 8pm

Echoplex – She Past Away (for Part Time Punks, sold out)

The Hi Hat – Sumeau, Jessi Williams & Coyote, + The Morning Yells

McCabe’s – Guy Blakeslee, Lael Neale, + Maja D’Aoust

Moroccan – The Altons, Weapons of Mass Creation, + The Hurricanes

Observatory – Cam & China, Inas X, Akil, + Rocc (Constellation Room)

Polliwog Park (Manhattan Beach) – Speedbuggy USA

Que Sera – Skullcrack, + No/Mas

Rec Center – Slaughterhouse, Sh*tgiver, Launcher, Shutups, + Weird Night

Redwood Bar – Boots Electric, Lujuria, + Battery Electric

Satellite – T.O.L.D.

Silverlake Lounge – Blue Velvet Drapes, Taking Meds, Love Under The Sun,+ Siam Jem

The Smell – Sad Park, The Cozzmos, Novele, + Conductura

MONDAY, 7/29

Amoeba – Cuco

Bardot – Ariana & the Rose, Gia Woods, Haviah Mighty, + Total Recluse (DJ set)

Bootleg Theater – Polartropica

Echo – Precious Kid, Rett Madison, + Jackil Kennedy

Harvard & Stone – Saint Cecilia, Leslie Stevens, + DJ Mikhail Kennedy

Hollywood Bowl – Ozzy Osbourne

Maui Sugar Mill – Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal, + Tony Holiday

Observatory – Chai, + Kingsbury

The Smell – Hartle Road, Death Panels, + Pelo Grande

Wayfarer – Sarah Shook & the Disarmers


5 Star Bar – Lydia Cant Breathe, + A Light Divided

Bootleg – Sam Mickens, Sondra Sun-Odeon, + Charlie Looker

Echo – Ninet Tayeb, Biianco, + Olivia Grace

The Hi Hat – Deserta, The Chance, + Sleep Still

Mint – Tenele, + Peche

Moroccan Lounge – Ibibio Sound Machine

Observatory – Miyavi

Rec Center – C.H.E.W., NNN, Richard Scary, LEAD, + Gape

Redwood Bar – Time Russ Crew, The Mercury Wheel, + The Throw Backs

Resident – Psychic Graveyard, + Plack Blague

Satellite – Michael tasis, Patriarchy, + Toulouse Control

Troubadour – Harry & The Potters

Viper Room – The Sunday Fire, Kali Kazoo, Stereoriotes, + The Revelries

Zebulon – Amiritha Kidambi (Elder Ones), Jessiva Kenney, Eyvind Kang, + Booker Stardrum


Bootleg – Big Search, Cosmo Gold, + Beauty Queen

Echo – Dinosaur Pile-Up

Echoplex – Dub Club, Hempress Sative, + Unconguerables

Greek Theatre – Beast Coast, Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Kirk Knight, Nick Caution, Powers Pleasant, + CJ Fly

The Hi Hat – Airplane Mode

Lodge Room – Rhea Butcher, Solomon Georgio, Sara Schaefer, + Jared Logan

Maui Sugar Mill – Ted Russell Kamp, John Surge & The Haymakers, + Smith Allen

Moroccan – The Rad Trads, Naia Isumi, + Dillentante

Redwood Bar – CC Potato, All Black Chucks, Baron Bandini, Just One Reason, + Bazooka Sharkz

Zebulon – Orchin, Gold Cage, + Eyeshadow


7/31 – Boy Dirt Car

8/7 – From Zero 2 Hero

8/14 – Sapphic Musk

8/21 – Transatlantic

8/28 – Arthur Alexander Band

9/4 – Death Cat

9/11 – In Deed (from Sweden)

9/18 – Double E and Bad Business

9/25 – The Armoires

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